September 15, 2019 – “Is it Just? Is it Justice?”

Ethical Humanist Society of Asheville

2:00 PM at Asheville Friends Meeting House
227 Edgewood Road, Asheville, NC

Presented by Todd Williams

Join our Buncombe County District Attorney, Todd Williams, for a wide-ranging discussion on the results and challenges in seeking safety, justice, victim support, accountability and transparency, while reducing recidivism, reducing the jail population, tackling the opioid crisis and fostering effective diversion programs for non-violent offenders aimed at treatment, rehabilitation and alternatives to incarceration. Add legislative and resource constraints, ethical considerations, and a diverse community perception of “Justice” and the discussion is sure to be lively, educational and thoughtful.

Todd will talk about the Child Advocacy Center (for victims of child abuse and neglect), the Family Justice Center (for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault), the Justice Resource Center (to enable rehab, job training and other services in lieu of punishment), as well as Juvenile Misdemeanor Diversion Programs, Veterans’ Treatment Court, reforming cash bail and other criminal justice reform initiatives aimed at improving efficiency, effectiveness and compassionate outcomes.

Todd Williams worked for nearly 15 years as a public defender before winning election as District Attorney in 2014 and again in 2018. Before turning to the law, Todd taught English as a second language and taught adult basic skills to textile workers, immigrants, and the homeless. That experience led Todd to pursue a career in social justice through public service law. He has a BA in English from UNC-Chapel Hill and a JD from Northeastern University School of Law.

Informal discussion and refreshments will follow the presentation. All are welcome.

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