Buncombe County District Attorney Todd Williams

 Vote May 17 

Re-Elect Buncombe District Attorney Todd Williams

Todd's Record as Your Buncombe DA

Local Results & Statewide Recognition for Advocacy
  • Appointed to NC Innocence Inquiry Commission after seeking relief for wrongfully convicted men

  • Prevented 3 unjust executions

  • Adopted police accountability reform (first such policy in NC)

  • Established Conviction Integrity review unit

  • Implemented anti-bias grand jury policies

  • Initiated review of disproportionate & excessive sentencing

  • Hiring MSW sexual assault counselor

  • Decriminalized poverty: Debt Relief Driver's Restoration & Unhoused Diversion Program

  • Veterans Court, Drug Treatment Court, accountable Diversion Programs, Record Expunction Clinics, and Amnesty Days for nonviolent offenses 

  • Initiating youth gun possession diversion program​

Nationally Recognized Leader on Improving Public Safety & Reform
  • Promised and delivered Child Advocacy & Family Justice Centers that are models for victim services

  • Elevating safety in our low income & BIPOC communities by partnering with John Jay Beyond Big Cities

  • Collaborating reform as a member of the national Fair & Just Prosecution network (Progressive DAs)

  • Seeking to protect women's rights as a member of APA Reproductive Health Advisory Committee

Todd Williams is the only Candidate Endorsed by the  Progressive Caucus of the Democratic Party
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  I oppose the criminalization of abortion.  The criminalization of abortion would erode trust in the rule of law and would end a long settled right to privacy and bodily autonomy that has been the law of the land for more than 50 years.   

  As your D.A. my first aim is to judiciously use my discretion to seek justice.  That means ensuring procedural justice, due process, and that the constitutional rights of individuals under both the N.C. and U.S. Constitutions are ensured.  Though reproductive choice remains the law in N.C. today, I call on the N.C. Legislature to immediately strengthen laws in support of reproductive choice.

  I assure the people of Buncombe County that I will continue to exercise prosecutorial discretion to prioritize the prosecution of violent crimes such as gun crimes, sexual assaults, crimes against children, and trafficking in fentanyl over prosecutions that do not protect the public but instead create distrust and alienation.  -D.A. Todd Williams, May 6, 2022

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"I'm proud of my record of securing convictions in Buncombe County's most heinous murders involving mothers, families and children while simultaneously expanding second chances for non-violent offenders, especially for those struggling with addiction and poverty. I'm running to continue the work of the Child Advocacy and Family Justice Centers, maintain the gains made to ensure police accountability, and to continue to advocate for sustainable justice reform." - Todd Williams